Like many other things. You clicked. Nothing to see here. Rough in the jungle Noise bonces off my brain now Down in prodigy Chest chasm inflamed Randomness in gallbladder Doctor has it now Studying TSHOOT Is TSHOOT two sylables It is cold outside I will be premiere But for now I am silver Back to work slacker! From the base bottom, Business is a tree model, Up to tippy top. These tree models suck, need some more fishbone models, No IP service. Sick of fishbone model, Venn diagram, look, circles! Yay, circularness! First detects problem, Collect information next, Isolate problem. Correct the problem, Verify problem resolved, Educate tier 1. Nine hundred mega, I love the ISM hard, Turn on the main screen. We get a signal. And how are you gentlemen? Turn around, its you. Every now and then, Lonely I am getting now, Loud sound of my tears. I need you more now. I need you more than ever. My world falls apart. Phone off of the hook, beeping eminates loudly, No digital love.